The eternal harmonic oscillation and the Tesla waves generator

Much of what has been written, remains hidden and unexplored about Nikola Tesla, the brilliant scientist of modern humanity and its inventions, the polyphase system, the magnetic field, the asynchronous and synchronous motors, the Tesla's transformer, and so on.

Tesla's genius for decades has attracted the attention of numerous scientists and followers of his research in physics. All of them tried in various ways to shed light on the nature of his personality, the worldview and the functioning of the devices, some of which remained only in the drawings. The sharpness of his brilliant mind and intuitive nature, the ability to understand nature and its laws on the most elemental level, today, more than ever before, are sparking the Teslians, its most prominent followers.

One of the expert who learns Tesla's work is Goran Marjanovic from Belgrade, an engineer who has been studying for years and based on Tesla's design successfully manufactures devices.

One of the devices, "Magnifying Transmitter", which Nikola Tesla developed for six months in Colorado Springs, is especially interesting. This is an device that has multidimensional resonant. Explaining exactly this, Mr. Marjanovic compared the theoretical basics of today's transformers with the transformer that Tesla designed and which is in every sense more advanced and more efficient than today's. The principles Tesla used in Colorado Springs when making the ''Magnifying Transmitter'' are identical to the principles of the so-called "eternal harmonic oscillator" described in ancient Vedic scripts. In other words, by its work, Nikola Tesla actually proved that the old peoples were better able to see the essence of nature and the place of man in the universe than modern science does today.

About Tesla's work, torsion fields, the transfer of human thoughts, the waves of elemental consciousness and the work of other scientists, such as Nikolai Kozir's, see the video about the conversation with Goran Marjanovic in TeslaVision.TV.

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Foto:Youtube printscreen / TeslaVision.TV