Rise of Sumer: Cradle of Civilization

Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire in the West and the Han Dynasty in the East experienced their peak. In the area of present-day Middle East, a powerful Partian Empire, also known as the Arsakid Empire with the main city of Ctesiphon, ruled the space of ancient Persia and the surrounding countries. The Arsakid empire existed from the middle of the 3rd century AD to the beginning of the 3rd century AD. Their culture, which belongs to the ancient era, has left little traces and is quite unknown to us today. However, even Partian (Arsakid) culture, there was an older culture in this area, which was almost an antique for Partian. Six thousand years ago, or 4,000 years before the new era, one of the first urban settlements originated in the ancient region of Sumer. The people of Sumer achieved great achievements that sowed seeds of the spread of civilization, first in the area of the ancient Middle East and then on the whole world.

Since the end of the last Ice Age, some 10,000 years ago, people who lived in Mesopotamia and neighboring regions gradually began to adopt a more peaceful way of life. Until then, communities of people were mostly organized into groups that engaged in hunting and gathering edible wild-type plant species. Initially, a gradual cessation of such a way of life, the ancient people of Sumer began to cultivate and modify the plant species. Meanwhile, some of them continued to deal exclusively with the hunting and gathering of fruits. However, thousands of years after the retreating of the glaciers, the new way of life based on agriculture has become a primary one.

Changing the way of life, dealing with agriculture and animal breeding made progress in all fields of human activity. There was a need for information to be transmitted which allowed the creation of a letter, and this information was stored on clay tablets. Now, with more free time, people developed mutual communication. They telling stories in which they were trying to explain the world around them. The phenomena that they could not explain and which was frightened them, they were explained by the presence of the gods, those who created the world around them.

Ancient Mesopotamia, the rise of Sumera from Uruk to Akada, you can be seen in the excellent animated documentary of the Youtube channel King and Generals.

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