Marquis De Sade

Count Donatien Alfons Fransoa de Sade, better known as Marquis De Sade, was a French revolutionary, politician, philosopher and writer, but in his history, he remained famous for his liberal sexual attitude that drastically differentiate with the Christian, Catholic morality of the time in which he lived.

He was born on June 2, 1740 in Paris, died on December 2, 1814 in the French city of Charenton, Val de Marn. His life was marked by a number of sexual scandals, which especially arose out of malice and abuse. Although he was low, he was a very physically attractive man who left a fatal impression on women at that time.

He became known for the Rosa Keller affair, when he physically abused a Parisian prostitute. In 1772, Markiz De Sad was an orgy participant with four prostitutes and his personal servant. During this orgy full of homosexual relations and torture it came to poisoning of participants. Because of that he was sentenced to death. But, De Sad survived, thanks to the intervention of the French king who pardoned him.

He wrote several novels, among which the most famous of his work "120 Days of Sodom", published in 1789, in which he described over 600 different manifestations of sexual impulse. The last 11 years of his life, De Sad has spend in a madhouse in which he also died at the age of 74.

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