Hand of God through NASA's Telescope

Religion and astronomy often have no common ground. However, the latest images from the NASA Space Agency, taken using the X-ray technique, show a huge celestial object that looks like God's hand.

The image of the cosmic Hand of God was created by the explosion of a star and the formation of a cloud of matter that NASA's nuclear-spectroscopic telescope, so-called NuStar, saw in the high-energy field of X-rays. This field is shown in blue in the image taken at the Chandra Observatory with green and red parts of the low energy spectrum of X-rays.

The new image, created by a combination of the mentioned techniques, shows a pulsar and a nebula representing a dense remnant of a star which exploded like a supernova. What is left behind the pulsar is called, by astronomical classification, B 1509. It rotates seven times at second and disperse a particles. These particles interact with a nearby magnetic field producing a glow in the X-ray spectrum creating the shape of God’s hand.

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Foto: Youtube/The Cosmos News