Alien civilization exists! It says the man who spent 10 days with aliens

Alec Newald from New Zealand has been researching the existence and eventual activities of aliens on Earth for many years. During these researches, he himself came into contact with beings from other planets. According to him, during his stay in Auckland, New Zealand, riding his car, he was kidnapped by an alien race and taken to their home planet where he spent 10 days. Experience he gained on that planet, talk about extremely advanced organic technology that allows buildings to "grow" as any other living organism in our environment. Newald described in detail all he saw there. As evidence that he had been at that alien planet, he said that his car was completely structurally changed and that it functioned better.

In his testimony, Newald claims that in a nearby church park near his house, as a child, he often saw the beams of light that actually represented light beings from another planet that came to Earth through the portal. He further claims that in his memory, from an early age, there are remembrance which in fact tell us that his mind was stamped with pictures that represented his preparation for the final contact of the higher beings with him.

Although in Newald testimony dominates memory of the experience of staying in an alien environment in a non-material form, heclaims that all the events that happened to him from childhood to adulthood are true. He think that all beings on Earth are an intelligent creation, but that their perception life is different from ours, that is, that all beings have their own specific intelligent view of life and its meaning.

You can see Alec Newald's testimony as a whole in the next video and determine for yourself whether his story is true Youtube / UAMN TV.

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Foto:Youtube printscreen / UAMN TV